LED Lights $60 per light

Calling All Landlords and Homeowners
It is time to replace your old halogens with LED and reap the savings

Our Special Price: $60* each light

Sealed LED ceiling lights are the future of home lighting.  They are a safe, efficient and a reliable source of lighting.  Valiant Electrical only uses high quality LED downlight systems, so our customers know they are getting a reliable and safe LED lighting solution.


Rental properties and Homeowners that want to replace their old halogen downlights with LED


Save big on the power bills
Reduce a real fire risk in your home
The Enviro friendly lighting choice

More information on LED Lights


Fixed LED Downlights
12 month appliance and workmanship warranty
The quoted price includes installation**

** Minimum of 4 lights.
Extra cost for: Extending of cables or larger adaptors (over 98mm) if required

*Terms and Conditions

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