Daikin Heat Pumps

Daikin Heat Pumps are recognised around the world as an air conditioning specialist with over 90 year of innovation.

Daikin has an extensive range of heat pumps from small units idea for bedrooms, through to ducted systems, under floor and water heating systems, as well as commercial products.

One of the best performing heat pumps currently available, at an affordable price is the Cora wall mounted units.  It features whisper quiet operation and blends harmoniously with modern bedrooms and living areas.

While the new Zena Vogue range offers exceptional performance and style with built in Wi-fi control for advanced out of home control. This stylish unit comes in both Hairline White or Black Wood finish which seamlessly integrates into the modern home.

Key Features

Efficiency – high energy efficiency rates (they return far more energy during heating and cooling than the draw from your household electricity source).

Breathe Easy – Daiken is approved by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand, under the Sensitive Choice program and carry the Blue Butterfly symbol.

Quiet – the units are among some of the quietest available on the market (some models are as quiet as 19dBA during quiet operation – that’s as quiet as a whisper).

Care for the Environment – Daiken uses next generation R32 refrigerant gas that efficiently carries heat and has a significantly lower environmental impact than predecessors.

5 year warranty

Continuous Operation in Low Temperatures – as low as -15 degrees celsius.

Valiant Electrical and Heat Pumps can help you choose the right heat pump to suit your needs

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