Gree Heat Pumps

Gree offers a range of affordable heat pumps that won’t break the bank.
Great for Landlords

They offer a range wall mounted units to floor console systems as well as ducted systems for bedrooms or hallways.

Gree’s range of wall mounted heat pumps include Hyper, Lomo and the new next generation Weka range of heat pumps

Key Features

Price – Gree offers a heat pump solution for Landlords, offices and residential homes

Efficient and Energy saving – The units need less electricity to run and uses the energy in an efficient way

6 Year Warranty 

Valiant Electrical and Heat Pumps can help you choose the right heat pump to suit your needs

Our Guide to Heat Pumps

Gree Lomo Hi-wall
Gree Weka Hi-wall
Gree Mini Floor Mount

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