Why You Should Upgrade to LED Downlights

LED Lighting

One of the questions we get asked is about LED lights – do we install them & are they worth it.  The answer is yes to both.  Here are a few questions we get asked about LED lights.  Give us a call at Valiant Electrical and Heat Pumps if you want to learn more.


What is LED?

LED lighting is the latest technology in energy efficient lighting.  LED stands for ‘light emitting diode’, a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light. This is different to the traditional light bulbs and halogen light. 

Traditional light bulbs (incandescent light) contain a metal filament that heats up and emits light when electricity is passed through it.  Halogen lights are advanced forms of incandescent lights and contain a tungsten filament housed in a halogen gas – this runs very hot.


What are the Advantages of LED Lights?

  • They use a lot less power with the same amount of light – approximately 85% less energy than halogen & incandescent lighting. Meaning a significant saving on your power bills
  • LED lights have a lot longer lifespan than other forms of lighting so less blown bulbs. A typical LED light (dependent on the manufacturers guidelines) has a life expectancy of 20,000 – 50,000 hours – about 30 hours longer then incandescent lights.  At eight hours a day that is approximately 17 years
  • They are available in sealed units so room heat doesn’t leak into the ceiling through the gaps in the light
  • You can safely cover them in ceiling insulation
  • They run at much cooler temperatures, which keeps the house much warmer


Is LED Lighting Expensive?

LED technology is moving fast and it is cheaper to install than ever before.  Despite having a higher initial outlay than traditional lighting, LED lights longer lifespan and energy efficiency means you can quickly recoup the costs and continue to save for years to come

LED lights come in a variety of sizes and colours so it is easy to replace older technology lights with modern efficient LED ones.  Contact Valiant Electrical and Heat Pumps to find out about replacing your old lights with new ones.


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